Outfits Every Girl Needs This Summer

Oh, So Do You Have Nothing To Wear Again? Well, lucky for you, we got you just the proper mix.

Be it a casual day at work, a date night with friends, or a vacation with family, we have decided we are taking this into our hands.

Specially curated for you, keeping in mind your needs for the summer, here is a one-stop destination where all your problems end.

Head down below, to see for yourself, 5 outfits the Modern Indian Girl needs this summer.

The Real OG of Fashion:  All-Purpose White 

If there is one thing in the world, a girl can never go wrong with, it’s the classic White Shirt.

Every girl needs it. 

The range this product exhibits is unparalleled. Be it business casuals, a party, a casual outing, a lazy Sunday lunch, is there anywhere this shirt does not fit in?

Get your hands on this Classic now.

Pair this Solid Knitted-White-Top with a maxi floral skirt for the beach, with a statement-making blazer for the workwear, and pair it with a leather skirt, some nice jewelry for a night out with friends.


Be rest assured, With this one along, one can never go wrong.

Girl, Go Do The Work

Amidst nailing those presentations, negotiating those deals, finishing the submissions, and sorting out through all the paperwork, don’t forget to put your A-game out front.

Cover that base with our   Solid Dot Shirt, your go-to choice this summer. 

Throw on a nice pair of Black pants, a good Belt to go with it, an elegant pair of Heels, a statement Watch, and power through your day.

The Vacay Vibe

Lets’s talk beaches, lazy summer afternoons, cool margaritas, and relaxing days. Does it ring a bell yet? Take this as your official confirmation to pack your bags and head out to the Sea.

And while you are at it, make sure to find a place in that bag for our Sophia-Blue-Bohemian-Dress, perfect for your outing at the beach, easy to breathe in, beautiful to look at, and of course crafted with care and precision to go along with the aesthetic of your Gram. 

Taking it Easy

Having been smart and intellectual to the world, seemingly in control of every muscle, we all need a tribe of people we call our friends, who we can afford to let loose with.

And in honor of those friendships, we present to you our Ella dress perfect for those brunch dates, where you let your hair loose.

Pair it up with white sneakers to give it a casual twist, or switch it up with heels and a blazer for a more dressy event, and slip into the comfy flats for a lazy summer evening. 

3, 2, and 1, let’s turn on the Glam

Time to turn the inner goddess on.

A celebratory dinner with friends for the promotion, a victory night with the team after the completion of a demanding project, or a night out under the stars with your loved one, 

We won’t desert you when it’s your time to glow. 

Conceptualized keeping all your needs in mind, we have for you 

the charlotte salmon pink dress, ensuring you that the spotlight does not leave you.

Adorn this with dainty strappy heels, keeping makeup to the minimum cause, just for once

Let your outfit do the talking.

Happy Shopping!

With Love,