KIIKII brings to you the most extraordinary women styles that complement many moods and trends prevailing globally. 

Our story is harbored from a vision to curate a fashionable community for like-minded, empowered women, binded with each other through their exquisite taste in fashion and aesthetics. Our goal is to unite these fine women to create an amalgamation of various metropolitan styles and showcase the abilities of our community to conquer fashion. 

We aim to establish a prominent digital e-commerce podium for women to explore these trends and share their own fashion chronicles. Our catchphrase ‘Made in India, Made for India’ signifies the passion we possess to tailor fine outfits to drop our mark in the fashion sphere.


“Design and Quality” 

Our ensemble of designs is handpicked from an exclusive mood board, moulded by our team of experts and fashion connoisseurs, to cater to the latest trends in Women’s fashion. 

We thread our garments from the finest fabric that sustains itself even after being washed several times. 

“Range of Products” 

Our catalogue of fresh designs consists of an array of groovy products. From a range of floral dresses, pants, snazzy tops to classy jumpsuits, we have it all! 

“KIIKII Klan” 

Our growing family of lovely ladies or KIIKII Klan as we like to call them, is always open and ever welcoming to all. 

Whether it’s a sunny day out or a night at the club or maybe just a day at home, we have all our KIIKII Klan out there covered. 

Kicking forward, welcome to the community!