Plastic waste is a serious concern today. Plastic pollution has become a global crisis and the planet is adversely affected by this. At KIIKII, we are committed to tackling the plastic crisis, differently.


We have started KIIKII KARES campaign, that enables us to fight against plastic waste produced in the form of product packaging. This initiative will not only help us by contributing to the environment, but the customer will also get some benefits out of it. This way it will be a Win-Win situation for both entities.

If used responsibly plastic can be sustainable. For this, we started this campaign in which our customers will be helping us out, by sending us back the packaging they will receive. 

KIIKII KARES in 3 Simple Steps: 

STEP 1 – Customer will save the polybag, in which they will receive their product.

STEP 2 – The same polybag will be sent back to KIIKII by the customer.

STEP 3 – Once, we’ll receive the polybags, the discount coupon of 5% will be initiated to the customer which they can redeem in their next purchase.


We’ll reuse these plastic bags in our packaging. Once these bags are in-house, they will be sent for a quality check, and all the polybags which will be in usable condition will be reused for packaging of our products. Polybags in crummy conditions will be recycled in a different way. These polybags will be sent to different entities that are working for recycling plastic waste. 

In the future, we want to do more to fight against plastic waste. We want to use recycled packaging and strive to be even more sustainable. This is just the start of our campaign, KIIKII Kares . Together we can fight against plastic pollution and can achieve something better together.